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Zecco Refer-A-Friend Program

22 August 2009 One Comment

I use Zecco as my brokerage due to the free trades (assuming a high enough account balance) and the $4.50 trading commissions if your account doesn’t not hit the balance requirements.  $4.50 is still cheap!  I use Zecco for both my Roth IRA and regular trading account.

Zecco has started to push a new referral program which will make it very much worth your while to try and get your friends to sign up.  They are now offering $75 or 20 free trades ($90 value).  Not bad!

The program requires your friend to deposit at least $500 into their trading account within 60 days.

Zecco is a great trading platform.  I’ve been using their software for over a year.  Their customer service is also top-notch.  I’m always able to communicate with someone from their customer service department easily when needed.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Join Zecco today and then get your friends to sign up!  It’s an easy way to make a few hundred bucks right off the bat!  Not a bad return!

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  • Naveed said:

    How are Zecco’s online tools such as charting or account gains/losses tracking?