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Waste Management As A Long Term Investment

26 August 2009 One Comment

I’ve looked into Waste Management (WM) recently as a potential long term investment.  Most of their business is non-cyclical which means they will perform well even during a prolonged economic downturn.

Take a look at a recent Fortune interview with Waste Management’s CEO discussing the future of their business:

The part that grabs my attention the most is their drive to find high-growth, recession-resistent investments. The waste-to-energy market is where they are focusing.  Even better, most of this business is coming from abroad, both in Europe and China.  Especially when it comes to China, this market should fuel earnings for years to come for Waste Management.

I am adding Waste Management to my dividend target list with a target yield of 5.0%.

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  • waste sorting said:

    Yes, in fact it is true, everyday thousands of tones of garbage being dump in every landfill. You might have good idea to be part of this business, and also be better if you have self innovation on green environment, where every action that you make is always an earthly manner.