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Pay Attention To Who Is Offering Economic Advice

6 September 2009 One Comment

I read a great piece on Friday over at one of my favorite sites, europac.net.  It discussed how capitalism is being attacked viciously right now.  I believe that those attacking capitalism are the ones at fault here, both now and in recent years.

An important quote from the article I read:

Today, we are likely heading into the second wave of massive recession. There is a concerted effort by the government to blame the fallout from their schemes on the free market. You, the educated observer, should recall that the most rabid capitalists – Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Jim Rogers, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul – were the only opponents of the bubble economy while it was occurring. Meanwhile, those that seek to pass judgment on capitalism – Bernanke, Greenspan, Tim Geithner, Jim Cramer – celebrated the artificial boom and were shocked at the resulting bust. Why does anyone even listen to these fellows anymore?

Is it coincidence that those true capitalists mentioned above are also the individuals that have been touting gold as a solid investment consistently?  Did I mention gold is assaulting the $1,000 level again as we speak?

Do your own research on the people you listen to!

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