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Two Ways To View Money That Would Change Our Country

17 September 2009 No Comment

View Money As Capital

If everyone were a knowledgeable business person with sound business experience, everyone would manage their money a whole heck of a lot better.  A business person recognizes their money or funds as capital.  This capital is deployed or invested and the effectiveness of how well it has been deployed is measured by its return.

Your money that you have in your pocket or in your bank account is capital.  You decide how to allocate it, and depending on how you allocate it, it will likely determine how successful you are financially down the road.  Even when you spend money on food or entertainment, you are allocating your capital.  You are allocating your capital towards your own personal enjoyment; you are investing your lifestyle.  This is not a bad thing, but by doing this, you are unable to invest or allocate that capital towards something that could generate a monetary return and result in additional capital.

Americans need to get better at allocating their capital.  A mis-allocation of personal capital has resulted in most people being buried under a mountain of debt, underwater on their homes, and overall a negative net worth.  This is a major contributor to the fact that we are in a terrible recession.

As this blog moves forward, we will focus on opportunities to help you determine where to allocate your capital.

View Federal Money As Your Money

Why should you view Federal money as your money?  Easy.  It is your money.  There is no such thing as their (politicians) money and our money.  It’s all the same.  On the same topic, there is no such thing as their debt versus our debt or public debt versus our debt, it’s all our debt and your debt (but we’ll leave the debt conversation for another day).

Why is this important?  Because once you start viewing government funds as your money, your capital, you will stop accepting the horrendous management of this precious capital.  Additionally, you will stop accepting the devaluing of this precious money.  Since the Federal Reserve was created to “protect this nation’s currency”, they have destroyed it, deliberately decreasing its value by over 90%.

With that said, unfortunately over 40% of Americans now pay no income taxes which means that these people do not view Federal money as their money, because it isn’t their money.  In this scenario, these individuals are likely to vote for the most “hand outs” and redistribution of wealth, no matter if it is the proper direction for this country or not.

In my opinion, everyone should have an equity stake in this country if you want to have a say in the direction of this country.  Similar to a company that encourages its employees to own stock in the company, we need our citizens to own stock in this country.  Bankrupting the Treasury in the name of short term relief is not going to result in growing prosperity for this country moving forward.  Do some people really need aid?  Yes.  Leaving politically motivated individuals in charge of allocating this relief and aid, however, will result and is resulting in the demise of this country and its economy.

What if only those who pay income taxes could vote in this country?  I’d love to hear your feedback on that one!

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