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29 September 2009 No Comment

Both the economy and the job market suck these days.  Countless 20-somethings are graduating college and not finding work.  Others have lost their jobs and are trying to recover.  It doesn’t help that people in their 20s all of a sudden are having to compete against older, more experienced candidates because those people are looking for work also!

Get Some Income Going

As I wrote about in the 5 Steps to getting on the right track financially, it’s smart to get some work going just so you can get some income.  You need income to pay the bills and avoid going into too much debt.  The key is to not settle into your part-time gig, but to continue your relentless pursuit of a good job while you’re working to get some income.

Encouraging News

The good thing is that despite a terrible economy, there are companies that are growing and hiring.  They are just few and far between.  It takes effort, significant effort, to find them and convince them to hire them.  Let’s look at some resources and strategies to get hired.

Resources To Find a Job

Your Network

Most people land jobs through their contacts.  By getting people you know to talk to people they know and setup meetings, coffee chats, lunches, interviews and everything under the sun, you will greatly expand your ability to get closer to a job.  Do not dismiss any potential meeting with anyone at this point as meaningless.  You never know who will come through for you and set something up.  If possible, meet with someone new every single day.

Make sure you follow up everything meeting with a courteous follow up note or email.  Thank the person for his or her time and remind them in a polite way about anything they promised to pursue for you.  Continue to pursue that person and build the relationship even if they have nothing to offer you at this time.

Online Networks / Social Networks

While many people claim their business or career prospects are skyrocketing as a result of online social networks such as Facebook, I remain skeptical.  This doesn’t mean you can’t use these networks to connect with people are possibly research opportunities.  I wouldn’t put all your eggs in the social networking basket though when it comes to your employment.

Online Job Resources

There are a range of fantastic job resources such as Monster.com, CareerBuilding.com, HotJobs.com and Craigslist.  I would recommend using every one of these options, even though it will require effort to filter through the “crap”.  At this point, you should use every resource possible!

Strategies For Landing A Job

Work Hard and Be Persistent

First of all, the most important strategy for your pursuit of a job is to be persistent and put a great deal of effort into it.  The individual who sends out 100 resumes a week will have a much higher chance of getting employed versus an individual who sends out 10.  Send out quality resumes as often as possible to as many oppportunities as possible.  Increase your chances by going after more opportunities than the next guy.

Work For Free or As An Intern

While the prospects of working for free sounds crumby, what are you doing now? You’re doing nothing for free. At least by working, you will be making a case for getting hired as a paid employee.  A good friend of mine offered to work for free for a financial firm and after a month, he impressed them so much that they hired him.  He is now a partner in this firm.  A great example!

Being unemployed is no fun, but sulking won’t get you anywhere.  Be dedicated to using every resource available, do more than the next guy, and go the extra mile.  You will eventually find yourself in a good situation!  Keep your head up!

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