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September Online Income

4 October 2009 2 Comments

September was a good month for my online income streams.  Not necessarily because of the actual amount of income, but because I got back on the track of earning some nice income and hopefully continuing to grow it over time.


I got my Adsense income over $40 for the month of September.  While this is still very low in my opinion, its a great improvement from recent months.  There’s no reason this shouldn’t be at least $100 a month.

Some of the improvements I’ve made to get this number growing again are:

  • Total site re-design in early August was a big impact – the site is much more clean and less cluttered.  I think this actually helps ad performance
  • The most important thing to do when trying to make money on Adsense is to try out different formats, colors, placements, etc. and see what performs best.  I’ve been tweaking my ads much more than in the past.
  • Lastly, there are a handful of posts on my blog that receive a good amount of search engine traffic (traffic that tends to click on ads).  I decided to put an ad in the post to see if I can convert more of this traffic.  For an example, click here.

Private Ads

The private ad deals finally started coming in.  I’m convinced that this is definitely a function of how active the site is.  The more content you post, the more active.  Blog activity here has definitely picked up over the last two months.  It was encouraging to get close to $400 in private ad deals this past month.


While I love the extra income, I’m really brainstorming about the best ways I can reinvest this money into the site.  My goal isn’t to earn a few hundred bucks a month (it really isn’t worth the effort that it takes).  My goal is to make several thousand bucks a month; therefore, I’m looking to reinvest my income and grow this thing.  Any suggestions?