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Best College Degrees For Getting A Job

9 October 2009 3 Comments

When it comes to deciding what degree or area to study while in college, the availability of jobs in that field should definitely be a factor.  My view is that the more specific the field of study, the better shape you will find yourself in.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Computer Science Degree

When it comes to software and other computer science areas, this is an expanding field which means jobs are not going anywhere.  Sure, we may be outsourcing some basic coding responsibilities to India, but there will still be needs on the ground here in USA.  I was a Computer Science major and I went to work for Accenture (a large IT consulting firm) right out of school.  It is  a great place to work especially for a new graduate.

Technology skills will not only be in demand, but I anticipate that non-technology fields will start looking for candidates that have tech skills as a part of their overall resume (i.e. a finance job with tech skills as a plus).  What should you take from this?  Make sure you’re getting some level of technology skills.  If you don’t want to major in computer science, maybe you should minor in it.


The various engineering disciplines, like computer science, are typically a tough cirriculum which means employers know you’re not an idiot (this is a plus).  Because of the many areas of engineering, there may be better areas than others, but overall you should be in pretty good shape.  I did some college recruiting for Accenture at one point and I interviewed mostly engineering students.  I remember thinking that I would hire these individuals for any job in any industry because of how sharp they were.

The great thing about hard degree programs such as engineering is that you have opportunities in that specific field, and you also have opportunities in non-engineering fields because people think you are a go-getter and can learn anything.

Finance or Accounting Degree

If you want to go the business route, I recommend against a business management or general business degree.  Go more specific.  Focus on finance or accounting.  You’ll still get the basic business background that just about any business degree will get, plus you open yourself up to a wide range of positions.

Education Degree

Even though most state governments are cutting back which means teachers have been getting cut, if you’re looking to teach, an education degree is a good place to be.  While I could make a solid argument that teachers would be better off learning specific skills or knowledge that could then be taught to others rather than spending four years “learning how to get people to learn”, most education departments favor the education degree.


This is definitely a field that almost always results in a nice paying job.  While nursing jobs have taken a hit in recent years, I believe we’ll continue to have a shortage over the long term when it comes to nursing.  Factor in an increasingly aging population and nursing is definitely a good place to be.  We’ll have to wait and see how the heathcare reform legislation will impact nursing careers.

Degrees Not Ideal For Landing a Job

The liberal arts programs such as psychology are typically not very beneficial for landing jobs.  If one of these areas interests you, I recommend one of the above programs then doing a minor in the area that interests you.

If you find yourself with a college degree yet still unemployed, I encourage you to check out Options for Unemployed College Graduates!

Do you have any programs that should be added to this list?  Add your input below.


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    I`m in nursing school and I really enjoy it. It is really hard but I have to deal with it. And yes, it is a really well payed job!