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Rest Assured… Obama Looking At All Options To Create Jobs

19 October 2009 One Comment

If you take a look at a recent headline, Obama is looking at all options to create jobs, you might be relieved that the government is taking the job of fixing the economy seriously.  When I look at the headline, I shake my head in disbelief.  Were they not looking at all options before?  What were they looking at when they passed a close to $800 billion bill for “recovery”?

The fact is that the stimulus bill was not meant to fix the economy, it was meant to satisfy political interests and power.  Millions of business owners, investors or regular Americans could have deployed that money to more job creating outlets in a more effective manner than the leaders of this country.  Why?  Because those millions of people aren’t motivated by political interests.

Here’s a 5 minute plan:

  • $250 billion towards infrastructure projects that are long term investments in our future
  • $250 billion towards energy independence – exploration and development of all energy sources such as oil, natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal, etc. – this creates jobs, saves us money on energy, stops sending money overseas, and stops funding terrorism – this is what you call a no-brainer.  This is not environmentally motivated or big-business motivated, it’s called American motivated.
  • $100 billion towards small business tax breaks – small businesses create jobs.  End of story.  Call it “cash for jobs”
  • $100 billion towards math and science education programs to help ensure our long term competitive abilities.
  • $100 billion cash infusions into the 50 healthiest banks in America who were conservative over the past 10+ years.  This comes out to $2 billion per bank.  Let’s help the healthy banks restore proper credit flow in our economy and let the risky, bad business model banks go under.

Look guys, politicians have been saying we should be energy independent for 40 years.  Are we?  No.  If politicians don’t produce results in line with their words, then you need to get rid of them.  The travesty that was the stimulus bill accomplished two things: it added to our debt significantly and it provided political favors for those in power.  Jobs was not the priority.

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