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Where You Live and Work Can Impact Your Success

20 October 2009 No Comment

I recently took a road trip through the southeast (post detailing my trip coming soon), including a stop in Atlanta for business meeting and to meet up with some old friends.  The stop in Atlanta had an impact on me for a few reasons.

First of all, I lived in Atlanta for a year after college so I’m very familiar with the city.  My recent stop there wasn’t much of a revelation but more of a reminder.  So what was I reminded of?  I was reminded that Atlanta is a great city for ambitious young people who want to work and who want to do well financially.  It made me think more in depth about how the place where you are living and working can definitely have a major impact on your levels of success.

Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

Your peers are a major influence in your life.  I’ve heard Dave Ramsey mention that most people will make an income within 10% of the people closest to him or her.  Basically, groups of friends will usually make similar amounts of money over time.  Part of this can be attributed to the fact that people with similar income levels will tend to hang out with each other, but the more important part of it can also be explained that individuals influence and encourage each other… one way or another.

Does the city that you live in have a large segment of young professionals?  If so, it will be much easier for you to network and meet others that you might become friends with, clients of, or business partners.  Each relationship is important.

 A city like Atlanta is very easy for a 20-something to move to and meet a bunch of people very quickly.  Atlanta is the biggest city for business in the southeast.  Naturally, people from colleges all over the southeast (Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, etc.) migrate to Atlanta after college to work.  It’s full of young people starting their careers.  This makes it a great city anyone young and ambitious.

My Situation

I reside in Orlando which definitely is not an economic powerhouse.  I’m in the hospitality industry so it’s a great market for what I do, but if I were to explore other industries (i.e. finance), Orlando doesn’t offer much. 

If I needed to pursue other opportunities, Atlanta is a natural fit for me since I’ve lived there before and I prefer to stay in the south.  It’s definitely one of the best cities for young people.

Your Situation

Do you live in a small town?  Or how about a town with a struggling economy (Detroit)?  If you find yourself in a stagnant situation with your career, you should consider relocating for a better opportunity.  I recommend cities that have a growing young segment of the population that will fuel economic growth for the years to come.  Combine this with a fairly low cost of living and Atlanta is a winner in my book.

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  • guest said:

    Great post. I completely agree. I think if you want to be successful you have to put yourself in that type of environment and surround yourself with those people!