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Why I Support Some People Losing Their Homes

23 October 2009 No Comment

Times are tough.  Families are strapped for cash.  In our business, we have many suppliers looking for cash advances to cover some expenses.  Cash is tight all across the board (unless you’re Goldmach Sachs of course).  It’s interesting how when we discuss people who are struggling, how many times the phrase “about to lose their home” comes up.  Each time that phrase is uttered, there is always a moment of silence, like it’s too sad a state of affairs to even comment on such a scenario.

My position that I keep telling people is that people SHOULD lose their homes and it should happen sooner rather than later.  Am I an insensitive jerk?  No.  I believe that by “losing their homes” these people can then move into a home or apartment that actually works within their financial reality.  Such a move could be an enormous stress reliever as well as do wonders for his or her financial picture.

A New Four Letter Word: Rent

Nobody wants to consider renting these days.  Apparently, if you rent, you’re scum or lower class.  Owning a home is a common right now and one that should be encouraged at every level.  Taking this even further, renting an apartment is blasphemy in America.  How dare you suggest I live like scum!

The sooner this country moves towards a reality where people live in places that they can afford, the sooner we can have a real economic recovery.  Propped up real estate prices due to government programs does not equal a real recovery.

The sooner people accept the fact that they reached too far with their current residence, the sooner they can move towards a solution, even if that solution is foreclosure or government.  There are bigger things in this world than living in a suburban home, like having money left over each month to save or being able to live with a little less stress.

Can we please go back to the days where it wasn’t disgraceful to rent?  Or how about at least to the days where it wasn’t disgraceful to live in a home with less than 4 bedrooms (gasp!).

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