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Two Jobs Where You Can Put Away A Ton Of Money

26 October 2009 No Comment

Today, every dime you can save is a good thing. Some jobs offer opportunities to save more than others. I’m gonna discuss here two jobs that allow people to save a ton of money.

Traveling Consultant

Having first hand experience with this one, I can attest that you can save a great deal of money while working as a traveling consultant.  The travel can get old, but the increase in your savings account can make it worth it.  Being on the road every single week typically means that you get money for your expenses (i.e. a per diem).  While this can vary, you can usually make this per diem be sufficient for your day to day expenses.  Not spending your own money during the week means you can save a great deal of money.

You can take this one step further by not having your own place.  Since you’re only home on the weekends, why pay full rent every month?  Offer to chip in on rent at a buddy’s place and sleep in their spare room or even on the couch during the weekends.  Obviously, this only works for single people.

I actually know multiple people when I worked at Accenture that did not have their own place.  At Accenture, you were able to travel to other places every other weekend as long as it was less than the cost of flying home.  These people traveled to other destinations to visit friends or cool locations every other week, and on the off weeks, they would sleep on their family’s couch or a buddy’s couch.  No rent, lots of fun travel and lots of savings.  Not bad.

Companies to consider for such a job: Accenture, IBM, Cognizant

Work On A Boat

I also know people that have worked as a member of a crew, lived on a boat, traveled the world and had zero expenses for many months at a time.  Even more amazing is that some of these boats were internationally based so their entire salary was tax free.  A $45,000 salary meant putting away $45,000 a year because of no expenses and no taxes.

Do realize that working crew on a boat is a ton of work and is by no means a vacation.  But if you’re looking for something unique to do out of college, you might want to consider this.  It’s a great way to pay off any debts you have and put away some money.  My only reservation is that such a “temporary gig” means putting off your “real career” in some cases, which means you are putting on hold your career growth.  This may not apply to everyone.

What other jobs do you know of that allow you to put away a ton of money due to unique circumstances?

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