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Losing Interest In CNBC’s “Fast Money”…

29 October 2009 12 Comments

The traders that are on CNBC’s Fast Money each night are becoming more annoying from my point of view. In the below video, you’ll see the traders smirking and laughing as David Rosenberg analyzes today’s GDP numbers (in a bearish light). Since his view doesn’t coincide with these arrogant Wall St. traders who think we should print money to make the markets go higher, they snicker while David’s talking. I’d love someone to smack the smiles off these guys faces. As I mentioned in an article this week about CNBC being not much more than a market cheer leader, I’m continuing to tune in less and less.


  • mike said:

    I couldn't agree with you more. I was listening to the David Rosenberg comments and was annoyed in their constant ADD jumping in before he finishes a thought. I wonder who the hell gives these guys any money to manage or trade. They're seem to be more wrong then right. If the market goes up, they think its going up the next day. Market goes down, they talk it going down the next day. Blah, Blah, Blah. Rosenberg's analysis is spot on, whether the stock market moves in tandem is another thing. But for these guys to be so dismissive, makes me wonder who they take their advise from. I'm with Rosenberg. BTW, Bill Griffin and Sue Herrara are also quite annoying.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Yep theres a great many of them that are annoying. Rick Santelli is one of the few I like.

  • marc said:

    ever since ratigan left, this show has gotten worse and worse. melissa lee is awful, and the traders (save the najarian's and adami) are useless. i've significantly cut my time watching it and after the embarrasment with rosenberg (i'll probably write a letter to the show), i doubt i'll watch it any more. and if i were David, I'd never go on that show again. I wouldn't even want to waste my time eating dinner with Joe Terranova when Rosie wins the bet. the best NYC dinner isn't worth the anguish of two hours listening to Terranova speak.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Yeah, Terranova is pretty bad. I agree with you across the board. I miss Ratigan, I wish he'd show up somewhere where it'd be worth watching (not msnbc)

  • Jared said:

    It really doesn't matter what these guys say either way. I have taken a position not to believe anything these jokers have to say because the main point is not to give news, but to put a dramatic spin on everything that they can. The more drama and yelling and arguing they can get, the more viewers they can attract, people don't watch the news to find out what is happening anymore, they watch it because it is entertaining. Of course the media doesn't agree with the economy, because if they did, they would lose viewers. The media is simply sad these days.

  • Guest said:

    The current fast money team is Highly UNprofessional and STUPID. They are constantly RUDE to Peter Schiff every single time and they poke fun after calling him on the show and take up his entire camera time by talking themselves without giving him time to even retort back to their question. (Check the 16th November, 2009 episode!) If you are calling him on the show just to make fun then don't bother inviting guests on the show. BTW he has been correct more often than you guys have. You do not have to agree with his views but there is no need for RUDENESS! Appalling! You guys are behaving like Jerks and thats putting it mildly. PERIOD!

  • guest said:

    then today at CNBC's squak box, rosenberg was repeated cut off and interrupted by santoli and joe kernen before he can finish off his view on the economy and buffet's purchase. he was clearly annoyed to the point that he had to say would you please let me talk? then kernen kept repeating buffet's quote "all-in bet on america"——heck, joe kernen we don't need to hear you repeating what's printed and echoed in media a thousand times, we want to hear independent opinions from people like david rosenberg… what kind of interview is it that you don't let the interviewee talk and kept repeating old quotes—-just shows how worthless CNBC's anchors are. other than reading off scripts they are completely retard and classless.

    rosenberg probably regrets agreeing to come to the show…

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