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I’d Rather Have You Running Our Economy Instead Of Obama

2 November 2009 2 Comments

Barack Obama is a brilliant man.  He’s extraordinarily intelligent and his advisors are most likely the same (well maybe except a few of those nutty ones).  But either way, the facts are that Obama is a very smart guy.  So, why would I rather have you, the average Joe run our economy?  The answer is simple.

The economy shouldn’t be run from Washington D.C. or any other single place.  The economy should be run through the millions of different ambitions, transactions, ideas of every average Joe put together.  It’s called a free market.

Profit As A Motivator

Profit is not only an acceptable form of motivation, it is the best form of motivation.  In order to earn a profit, you must provide a service or good that somebody else wants.  Therefore, to earn more profit, you must try and provide for other individuals or businesses even more valuable goods or services.

Profit is given a bad name.  It’s the only real thing that drives and grows our economy.  Individuals work harder, take risks to start businesses in the name of profit.

How About Political Motivation

When leaders, whether it’s Obama or George W. Bush try and meddle with the economy or try to “fix” the economy, what is their motivation?  Political.  Political motivations have the wrong consequences for the economy.  First off, most political-minded individuals are focused on a near term re-election.  This means that a boost in the near term economy is preferrable because it will give people the idea that the economy is doing well and that the current leadership should stay (and be re-elected).

The problem is that it is extremely easy to sacrifice future economic growth or prosperity for the sake of current prosperity or at least the illusion of it.  The is definitely NOT the formula for a sustainable, solid economy which is what the majority of people want.

The better scenario is the beautiful coming together of millions of entrepreneurs, investors and hard working people who try and earn a profit, provide for their family and build towards a better future for themselves.  Sure, we have to guard against fraud, but we don’t need the government “creating jobs” or “creating prosperity”.  It doesn’t work.  Let’s get back to what made America great.  The free market.  Let’s get back to you, the average joe, getting behind the wheel of the economy.  Kick those baffoons from D.C. out of the driver’s seat.