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The Most Important Thing for your Career is to simply start your Career!

6 November 2009 No Comment

So many 20-somethings struggle to start their career early in the 20s.  Whether you have a degree or not, it’s important to start your career as soon as possible.  There is a learning curve involved in any industry and it will take years to grow in your career.  Delaying can cost you opportunity and money.  Lots of it.

Learning A Business

Whatever industry or area you start your career in, you will likely know very little about it going in, even with a related college degree.  The key is to simply start so that you can start the learning process.  Just about all of your value once you’re a few years into your career will come from skills that you learn on the job.  The longer you wait to begin the process, the longer it is until you have much value to another employer.

In addition to the skill growth, you will learn a lot about the business or the industry.  You will learn how it works, and you will learn how you can make money in this field.  This is of course absolutely essential if you are to ever go into business yourself within the field.  How often do you see someone start a business in a field they know nothing about and actually succeed?  It doesn’t happen.

The Perfect Job

Now, I’m going to let you on a little secret: you probably won’t love your first job.  The key is to acknowledge the imperfect scenario but get the most out of it.  I didn’t love my first job, but I learned an incredible amount and it was a fantastic experience.

Too many people fill a few years up with temporary jobs such as working at a restaurant or whatever (nothing against working at a restaurant) because they can’t find their perfect job.  It probably doesn’t exist because you have no experience and don’t even know what you want.  Just get in somewhere so you can start to gain some value as an employee and as someone who can contribute to a company.  Once you get in, you will have a much better idea of where you should be in the future.

So, again, the most important thing you can do is not waste time, but to get into your career.  If you’re wasting time today, there’s no better time to switch gears than right now.  Good luck.

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