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Second Stimulus Watch – “Jobs Bill” Likely Coming Soon

14 November 2009 2 Comments

Here is the goal of the ruling party in Washington D.C.:  Pass a second stimulus bill without calling it a stimulus bill because the word “stimulus” puts a negative taste in the mouths of Americans strictly because of the monstrosity that was the first, ineffective and terribly irresonsible stimulus bill.  Over at ZeroHedge, they cite two reasons that a coming “job bill” is ont he way:

  1. Harry Reid, Senate majority leader, referenced a likely “job bill” in early 2010.
  2. Obama mentioned a “jobs summit” for December to figure out this jobs situation.

Look, we have a deteriorating economy despite throwing trillions at it.  Do you really expect our wonderful leaders to not try to fix it further?  They have to justify their existence.

The first stimulus was more of a “spending bill” – remember Obama’s quote: “What do you think a stimulus is?”.  The second stimulus though will be much, much different.  It will be a “jobs bill”.  I hope you’re catching my sarcasm.

It doesn’t matter what they call it.  It’s the same thing.  Borrowing or printing money to prop up a shattered economy.  All efforts will be futile except when it comes to the dollar.  Back in February, they took the dollar out back at shot him in the head.  For the next go around, they’ll put a few more bullets in him to ensure his demise.  Maybe things will actually get bad enough that there will be a real change in economic policy – and no, this doesn’t just mean Republicans win seats in 2010.  A dollar crisis might actually force this.


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    This article just convinced me to unsubscribe from this blog, it is useless biased drivel that provides me with little to no constructive information. Disappointing! Previously this blog gave useful financial advise…not political slant!

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    A blog is opinion. If you want a news site, goto cnn.com. Instead of writing a comment telling me how you're unsubscribing, why not comment and actually challenge my position and have a real discussion? Either way, thanks for reading.