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Will Search Engines Pay For Content In The Future?

23 November 2009 One Comment

There are some interesting developments regarding the world wide web specifically when it comes to content.  These developments are being driven by News Corp and potentially Microsoft.  News Corp determined to generate revenue for online content has been saying for months now that it is exploring new ways to make money online.  This is in response to declining newspaper circulation and most likely the challenge of generating enough money through traditional advertising on a website to support a major news organization.

The idea is that News Corp would demand Google “de-index” its content and have another search engine (rumored to be Microsoft’s Bing) pay to index the content.  This would bring revenue to News Corp (other other content providers) and help Bing differentiate itself from Google and maybe chip away at Google’s domination.  These organizations seem like logical partners given that Microsoft is willing to spend billions to grow its search business and News Corp is demanding payment for its content.

This could be an interesting development for the future of search and content development.  It would likely take a long time for such a trend to reach blogs, specifically large blogs, but it is interesting to consider nonetheless.  Nothing stays the same forever, including search as we know it today.

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