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Black Friday Advice: Stay Home

24 November 2009 One Comment

Black friday, the epitome of the American consumer (or at least the old consumer) is this friday.  Deals will be everywhere especially as struggling retailers do everything possible to lure shoppers.  For most people, the advice is clear… stay home and save your money.  No deal is a good deal if you’re buying something you don’t need.  When it comes to gifts for the Holidays, find cheaper alternatives or consider making arrangements to forego gifts this year for certain people.  I think you’d be surprised how many people would agree to such a scenario in this economy.

Forget the door busters and the $300 flat screen TVs, you don’t need a new TV, you don’t need a new power tool, you don’t need a new cell phone or an iPod (how many do you have now?).  Sleep in and put a couple hundred bucks in your savings account.

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  • Blake said:

    Good advice. Especially since many retailer's have online Black Friday deals. Why fight that crowd?