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Article Marketing Doesn’t Work

3 December 2009 No Comment

There is a myriad of content on the web about article marketing and how it is key to driving traffic to blogs, sites and niche sites all in an effort to generate income.  I’ve embarked on my own experiment in order to determine the effectiveness myself.  Click here to read my original post on the subject.

Niche Sites

I’ve deployed a few niche sites after doing some research on specific niches to target according to the mainstream niche site rules (low competition, high search volume).  I then generate some decent content for the sites.  The next step was to publish articles and link to my niche site in an effort to drive my sites to top rankings in search results, thus driving massive traffic to my sites and my advertisement placements.

While the articles were successful in getting my sites indexed into Google, they never moved my site past the 9th slot for the keywords I was targeting.  I wrote multiple articles on multiple article directories (goarticles.com, ezinearticles.com, etc.).

Because the sites didn’t reach high enough status, the traffic generated was minimal and the advertising revenue nonexistent.

Thoughts on Google

I have to believe that Google is smart enough to weigh multiple article links with less merit when compared to more natural links from quality sites, the key being multiple, quality sites.  It wouldn’t be hard to alter the ranking algorithm to factor in the fact that most links are coming from article directories.  Do we really think Google, who has a giant team dedicated to tweaking their algorithm, isn’t capable of doing this?

Assuming Google is capable (which they of course are), don’t we think that they would put such tweaks in place and therefore, lessen the effectiveness of article marketing?  I believe they would since most sites that rely on article marketing do not typically represent high quality with regards to search results.  Google is in the business of providing quality search results.  If they lose that advantage, they lose their core competency.

These opinions on Google and their ranking algorithm are purely just that, an opinion.  I don’t have much factual evidence to back this up, but it is my opinion.

Couple this opinion on search rankings with my own experience with article marketing, and my conclusion that it is not a very good use of time or strategy to generate traffic.  There is no free lunch when it comes to generating traffic.  You need quality content that naturally generates quality backlinks.  This is the core of getting a boost from Google and the others.

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