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I Didn’t Spend A Single Cent Today

4 December 2009 2 Comments

I just realized that I went through the entire day without spending a single cent.  No coffee on the way to work.  No coke machine.  No spending money on lunch today.  No afternoon snack.  No dinner out.  Also, my wife didn’t spend a single cent today even though she ran a few errands (I guess you could count gas as an expense).

The point is that it’s really interesting how little we go through an entire day without spending a single cent.  Usually I will pat myself on the back for not spending money on lunch and then get a $4 latte in the afternoon.  Or, I’ll give up breakfast on the way to work and instead get a $1 coffee from the gas station.

Today, however was different and it feels good.  While just a few days into the month of December, my wife and I are doing great tracking every cent we spend to get a better feel for our spending.  It’s amazing that even tracking your spending (tracking it yourself – not relying on a mint.com like automatic tracking) typically results in less spending just because you’re aware of what is going out of your pocket each day.

How often do you go an entire day without spending a single cent?


  • Ryan said:

    I'm a bit of an extreme, but I usually go every weekday without spending a cent.

    This if for the following reasons:
    1. I bike to work
    2. I cook all my weekly meals and do grocery shopping on Sundays.
    3. Most activities I do, such as snorkeling or working out are free.

    Of course, each day I'm using up funds for things such as rent, my gym membership, insurance, debt reduction, but they're fixed costs rather than variable (at least on a month to month horizon).

    However, more days than not I don't even open up my wallet. It's a good feeling when I journal that I didn't spend anything that day, but was incredibly productive and reached my goals.

    Ryan @ Plantingdollars

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