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A Few Administrative Updates…

6 December 2009 No Comment

Thanks for reading the blog.  Since I have a bunch of readers via RSS and email, I wanted to point out a few updates to everybody.

Toilet Reading

Toilet reading is a new feature that I recently added where you can download PDF’s of content that has been posted on 20smoney.com.  They are organized by topic.  The purpose is to be able to print out some content for you to read on the toilet.  For example, if you want to learn a few things about investing or maybe get a primer on how to make money blogging, you can download the corresponding file, print it out, and go take care of business.  Click here to see what is available currently.

Partnership Program

Also, I’m currently putting together what I’m calling a partnership program.  The objective is to band together with other bloggers who are working towards online income.  This will be different than the typical “blogger networks” that you find which are usually organized around a specific topic.  This won’t be a topical grouping, but more a grouping based on business and income strategy.

I’ve already had several individuals email me about participating, and I’m waiting for a few more before we launch this thing.  Email me if you have a blog and want to work together to ramp up some income opportunities.  Also if you have any ideas send them my way as well.

Thanks for being a reader of 20smoney.com.

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