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Ron Paul v Judd Gregg on the Federal Reserve

20 December 2009 2 Comments

This is a great video from this past week that I strongly encourage you to watch. Note that this is a heated debate between two Republicans.

This is a very important debate that most people are clueless about.  As you probably know, I stand with Ron Paul on this issue.  Control over monetary policy is always tyrannical.  Gregg’s argument that the Fed must remain independent in order to protect the dollar is laughable.  The Fed is “independent” and the dollar has been crushed since the Fed was created.

I will continue to post intrigueing videos on this topic, especially when they involve Ron Paul.


  • Lucas @SurvivalCache said:

    I just found your blog this evening. I like the articles that I've looked at, but I wasn't sold on subscribing until I found out you were a Ron Paul fan. Keep up the good work.