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Home-Based Income & Depression Proof Jobs

5 January 2010 4 Comments

I ran across a great post at SurvivalBlog regarding depression proof jobs and wanted to comment about it.  This blog is all about surviving “the end of the world as we know it” which typically involves readers who desire to live in a rural area with supplies, weapons, etc.  The question that comes up for so many of these people is how can one move to a rural area / retreat and still maintain an income?

Since I have a strong desire to move towards financial independence and income independence (not dependent on a job/career), I found many of the author’s points very applicable towards my own goals.

The recommended strategy is similar to what I talk about here at 20smoney:

My suggestion is to start a second income stream, with a home-based business. Once you have that business started, then start another one. There are numerous advantages to this approach.

The advantages that the author discusses are the ability to get out of debt, you can build the business up gradually while you work and generate your “main” income, you can spread the risk amongst multiple businesses/income streams and you can work from home which means that home can be anywhere.  All points that I completely agree with.

The author lists a bunch of potential options of home based businesses that are recession/depression proof such as locksmithing, gunsmithing, accounting, etc.  One that he mentions that definitely is in line with my focus is blogging.

Check out the article referenced above for additional information such as home based scams that you should avoid.

I loved this article because while I may not be fully preparing for argmaggedon and self-reliance, I do strongly believe in pursuing financial independence with the cornerstone of that being self generating an income.  For now, my strategy remains blogging and/or web based income.  I believe web based income offers great potential, is practically risk free and requires little startup capital.

The bset part is that you can build your online income while you work your main job.  At best, the income grows significantly to where it can fully replace your main income.  At worst, the project fails and you keep your main job.  A very possible scenario is that you create a second income stream that generates some extra cash for you.  This would be huge in your financial independence efforts.  What are you waiting for?


  • jacob@ERE said:

    Of course the end of the world would also mean the end of cheap computers for everyone and somewhat impact blogging. It's funny how these survivors are storing their library digitally knowing that this will be hard to maintain even for five years with flailing computing; imagine computing going the same way as US autocompanies.

    Anyways …

    I forget whether it was the same article on survivalblog or whther it was another one but another point was made not to pick something which is easily replicable by people with lots of sparetime. For instance, I do some bike repair, but anyone can acquire the tools ($500 tops) and learn the skills in a few hours by reading a book (hey, maybe I should start teaching courses for those who don't read books 😀 )

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Ha, well the end of the world would change everything and yes blogging would be severely impacted 🙂

    Maybe my focus should be blogging and farming, then i'll be set either way!

    I enjoy SurvivalBlog, but i keep it in perspective. there's some good info on there that is applicable to lots of stuff in addition to armageddon.