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How To Drastically Increase Your Monthly Adsense Revenue

6 January 2010 4 Comments

Google’s Adsense product is the main money making for millions of website operators.  I’m attempting to grow my online income and Adsense revenue is a big part of this.  While I document my Adsense revenue each month with my monthly blog updates, I have found the easiest way to boost your monthly numbers.

Four days into January, I’m already at 40% of my total Adsense revenue from December.  The main reason is that I had a huge day yesterday where my daily total was about 5x the normal daily revenue total.  By stringing together a few “big days” like this, you can drastically increase your monthly Adsense revenue.

By securing 2-3 huge days which are caused by a combination of a traffic spike and the right type of traffic, you can pretty much secure a healthy month in online income.  While the other 28 or so days of the month will definitely generate more than zero, the combination is a nice month in Adsense income.

Do you have days when your Adsense revenue spikes?  What do you do to try and repeat these days and/or create more of them?


  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Welp, first, my non-adsense revenue will fluctuate b/c i record the cash. For example, if i sign a 12 month deal w/ an advertiser, if he pays for all 12 months up front, i just record it. meanwhile, i do have a few advertisers that pay every single month, which will keep it more consistent. anyways, that # will go up and down. I'll try and make it a lil more clear next time.

    For traffic… i'm going to have a post here shortly talking about the diff types of traffic and the monetization strategy that should be employed based on the traffic type, but for the most part search traffic are the folks that click your ads. a blog that gets 100% search traffic might do well with adsense, but its not a very high quality blog so theres a trade off… again, a post detailing this further is on the way…

  • Kurt said:

    I have always found my AdSense revenue to be pretty stable from one day to the next. But my traffic is also fairly steady so that is most likely the reason.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Adsense revenue is a function of traffic volume, type of traffic, and your placement of your ads. How would you describe these for your site?

  • thomas said:

    This will work to increse my revenue