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What Will You Do In 2010 To Increase Your Income?

7 January 2010 No Comment

Another year has passed.  Are you talking about the same things you are talking about at the end of 2008?  Have you acted on any of your goals or ideas in the past year?  The key to reaching goals is to break them up into smaller goals, and just act on them.

Your resolution for 2010 should be to just act on one of your ideas.  When it comes to additional income, why not just give it a shot?  Put down the steps necessary and get to work on them.  If you don’t reach any significant level of success, I guarantee that you will still at least learn something.  I often talk to my friends about getting some additional income streams going, and how great it would be to bring in additional/alternative income.  The difference is that I’ve done something in the past year or 2 to work towards it.  Am I rich?  No.  Am I bringing in a ton of money?  No again.  But, I am bringing in small income every month from a source outside my main career/job and even better, I’m well positioned to grow that income through 2010.  For more details, check out my monthly blog & online income updates.

Look, the key is to stop talking about doing things, make a few adjustments (like cutting down the amount of TV you watch) and just get to work on some stuff.  Maybe by the end of the year, you’ll have a real income stream.  Or, maybe you will have learned a new batch of skills and made zero additional money.  Either way, those are both successful outcomes.  2010 is here.  What will you make of it?

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