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Protecting Your Digital Assets

16 January 2010 No Comment

I just hooked up my brand new Apple Time Machine today (purchased using American Express points at 40% off!).  I’m very excited and relieved to have the time machine hooked up and all of my important data backed up.  The thousands of photos and hours of home video that we have stored on our iMac are priceless.  If we lost these assets, it would be a tough pill to swallow.  Thus, the Time Machine is backing everything up safely.  Redundancy is important!

Do you have your data backed up?  If not, you should really get on that.  Also, you may want to consider an “offsite” back up or online backup which provides an additional layer of redundancy.  If your house burns down and your main computer and your back up hard drive get killed off, you’ll still be fine!

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  • Wojciech Kulicki said:

    We've been using an online backup solution for about 2 years; before that it was the good old external hard drive (including one offsite in a safe deposit box). I can't imagine losing everything on my hard drive–that would be tough.

    As far as things that would cost a lot in terms of money, and especially time, this ranks pretty high up there.

  • Michael61 said:

    The Time Capsule is an excellent realtime backup solution.

    I also use a another USB disk (<$100) I keep at my sister's. Every month or so I picked it up, run a Time Machine backup to it, and then return it. This way I *do* have an offsite backup that's reasonably up to date. If the house burns down or a thief gets all my stuff I have all my pictures, docs, etc.