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Important Reads – Jan 18, 2010

18 January 2010 No Comment

Pretty quiet day with the markets closed.  If you had the day off, good for you.  I didn’t.  Here are some good reads for the day:

Very good look at small business and the trend gives reason to doubt a recovery (Mish)

Goldman Sachs boosts their GDP estimates (Zero Hedge)

Interesting take on the Senate election in Massachusetts this week (WSJ)

Good read on Mutual Fund investing (Digerati Life)

Hugo Chavez says that we’re occupying Haiti in the name of aid (Reuters) – Billions in aid over the years, 12,000 troops on the ground making it possible to distribute aid – why does anybody listen to Chavez?

Good article on how most funds are not positive despite a killer 2009 (FMMF)

Article on health care reform and about “control” (Boortz)

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