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A Voice Of Stupidity On CNBC

22 January 2010 No Comment

Following up my latest CNBC video, I heard this in my car today and had to post it.  Jim Cramer calling for a bigger role in government from Bush’s “wild west” like laissez-faire economy.

This is the biggest problem with our country today.  People think that the Freddie/Fannie/auto bail-out/step outside the free market to save the free market economy that we had under George W. Bush  was a free market, or like Cramer says, laissez-faire.

From wikipedia:

In economics, Laissez-faire (English pronunciation: /ˌlɛseɪˈfɛər/ ( listen), French: [lɛsefɛʁ] ( listen)) means allowing industry to be free of government restriction, especially restrictions in the form of tariffs and government monopolies. The phrase is French and literally means “let do,” though it broadly implies “let it be” or “leave it alone.”

Again, Bush’s economy was not laissez-faire.

Thoughts?  Please add your input if you disagree.

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  • Jeremy said:

    He says @ 1:10 that he liked Barney Frank so much because he was pro-regulation, and yet it was that same incompetent buffoon who along with Chris Dodd, stonewalled overtures from the Bush White House to increase regulations. I can see why people laugh at Cramers' market prognostications, this guy is clueless…