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Buying Low: Purchasing Items That Are Out-Of-Season Or Out-Of-Style

28 January 2010 No Comment

We could all afford to buy less stuff, that’s a given.  But, what about the things that can be potential assets to you and your family?  The key is to buy these things when they’re completely out of season or when there is very light demand for such products.  Not only can you get great deals but you can also find plenty of people selling perfectly good products for dirt cheap prices through places like Craigslist.

Recently, I’ve gotten into preparation / safety mode and I’ve decided that a generator is a great thing to own.  I live in Florida and we get hit by hurricanes rather frequently.  Loss of power is both a very real threat to Floridians, but also something that can be prepared for by owning a generator.  The problem is that when people see a hurricane coming to the area/region, everybody does out to buy a generator.  Stores usually sell out and sometimes jack up the prices to make a few extra bucks.  This is the wrong time to buy one.

We haven’t been hit by a hurricane in a few years, and also, people need cash these days.  The result is a huge selection of generations that have hardly been used for deals like 80% retail.  Beautiful.  I’m currently in the process of shopping several options through Craigslist.

This is a great way to acquire long-term, durable items that can be expensive but are also things that can last you decades.  The key is to buy low and then take excellent care of them.

To sum up the point here, a wise money management strategy is to allocate as few of your dollars as necessary to quality items that will provide value for many years.  You can make a list of items that fall into this description and a list of items that do not.  For example, the latest gadget that will either break or be obsolete yet commands a premium right now is not in the list.

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