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Bloggers: How Much Do You Make With Adsense?

13 February 2010 4 Comments

I’ve been doing some brainstorming regarding web based incomes and monetization strategies for various websites. Adsense is definitely the staple of most attempts at making money online.  Because of the popularity of the platform, I think it is also somewhat limited because people “tune out” Adsense ads and rarely click on them.  For a publisher, with Adsense, you’re also only able to make money on the clicks versus a pay for impressions type model.  Some nice websites make a killing selling private ads based on impressions rather than click performance.  This is a clear winner for a blogger or website operator.

Interestingly, some great websites with large traffic do a terrible job of bringing in revenues while smaller, less trafficked sites can often make much more revenue than the larger, “better” sites.  I have a few ideas I’m kicking around as well as a couple experiments on multiple websites that I have up and running.  I will be debuting some of these ideas and explaining them to my readers in the near future.  My goal is to bring in several thousand bucks a month in online income and Adsense and other advertising forms will likely be a major aspect of this goal.

So, bloggers… how much money do you make with Adsense?  Leave your comments below.


  • Chris Philip said:

    I have a website as well and am having similar issues. We are playing with a pay use (ebook) but may go free-ad supported. I'm looking forward to what you've got in mind. Feel free to check my site out and e-mail me in private if you like maybe we can bounce ideas off each other. BodyLanguageProject.com. It is also my sense that self-monetizing traffic makes the most sense rather then going with ad sense.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Yes that does make me very nervous. Google's domination of the internet is both good and bad… bad because if you get on their bad side, it can be very difficult to make a living with them.

  • Blogging Banks said:

    I run adsense, adsdaq, kontera and have had a few private ad deals before google took away my PR to 0. I make between $80 to $100/month in online income, but I don't really spend too much time on my blog either.
    Of course on a $10/year investment for the domain name, the return on investment is pretty high, isn't it? I then reinvest the income in income producing assets – stocks and bonds and thus I am generating some truly passive income streams..