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The Public Debt Is Your Debt

15 February 2010 No Comment

One of the biggest problems with America is the lack of understanding of government and government assets.  It is absolutely crucial that people start to learn that government has nothing.  This includes money and debt.  The government’s money is your money, and the government’s debt is your debt.  Let me explain further.

When people look for welfare or handouts from government, too often they don’t understand that government does not have a portfolio of assets that they can easily access to help somebody out.  They must take those assets from somebody who has them, and distribute to somebody who doesn’t have them.  This is called redistribution of wealth.  Government has the power to do this (illegally or legally, you decide).

On the flip side, the government does not have any debt that is not your debt.  The public debt is essentially the collective debt of all Americans.  Some of us are servicing the debt, and some of us are not, but nonetheless, it is out debt.

Referring to government as “they” is completely incorrect.  Saying things like they need to pay down the debt, or they need to quit wasting money, or they need to give me money, all of these are false statements.  It’s you.  Not them.

How long will you let a handful of corrupt politicans pile debt onto your lives?  That is what they’re doing.  They won’t be accountable for it.  We all will.  Or our kids will.

So, in my opinion, the plan of action should be to completely halt all increases in public debt, inact an aggressive plan to get the government’s (our) fiscal house in order, start paying down the debt, and additionally, create a social safety net plan for people that is focused on helping those who really need help and not focused on redistrbution of wealth.

Last point… Republicans and Democrats have been equally guilty of the above.  This is by no means meant to criticize one party over another.  The entire system has failed you.

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