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What To Do With Your 2009 Tax Refund

15 February 2010 4 Comments
We’re in online tax filing season now, and I’ve done a first run-through of my taxes using a tax estimator online.  Due to some major challenges in our family, we’re going to get a nice refund (down to a single income + child credit).  This is a welcome change since last year I actually owed money to the IRS after doing my taxes (sucks).  So, what to do with the money?

Here’s an estimate of what I’m thinking at this point:

  • 20% – General Savings
  • 20% – Savings for child’s preschool fund and/or other needs
  • 20% – Purchase some physical gold and/or silver
  • 20% – Retirement funding
  • 10% – Beef up emergency fund – cash on standby in case a hardship occurs
  • 10% – Some supplies for the house Alpha Strategy style

What are you going to do with your tax refund from 2009?


  • LeanLifeCoach said:

    With an e-fund in the wings and a plan to easily max the 401K and IRA's this year we are plunging 100% of our refund directly to the principle on our mortgage.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    Awesome! How long have you been aggressively targeting your mortgage?

  • nile said:

    Very interested in you idea of physical gold. Why not ETF's? Would love to read a full article on your opinion.