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Why I Love Glenn Beck

15 February 2010 6 Comments

This clip from February 15, 2010 from the Glenn Beck show on Fox News says it all. ¬†Doesn’t matter if you’re a republican or democrat, you need to watch this.


  • Joel said:

    Sorry Kevin but I can't support Glenn Beck…..he's a fraud (see link below).


    He's the same guy who advocated for the bailouts (he actually said it wasn't enough…..LOL) when Bush passed it; advocated for the Patriot Act which pretty much strips all your liberties away when the President decides too; and he supports the "War's on Terror" which are bankrupting this country.

    Once a Republican gets into office he'll be another cheerleader for their unconstitutional acts. He epitomizes partisan politics and I'm sick of him. If you want really journalism from the left its Dylan Ratigan and from the right its Judge Napalitano. All the other commentators are brought and paid for……Fox News supported Bush's cronyism and now MSNBC/CNN support Obama's cronyism.

  • 20smoney said:

    I like Ratigan and Napolitano.

  • Brandon said:

    Beck wasn't for the bailouts because Bush started them. He actually believed the bailouts were the right thing to do. Shortly after supporting them, he studied up and changed his opinion. This is respectable because it shows he is not an ideologue. When he learns that his opinion is wrong, he will change.

    Same thing with the Patriot act. He's against that now, but yes it's true he supported it in the beginning. Again it was due to ignorance. After educating himself more, he realizes it was stupid to support it. The important thing is that he admits it and doesn't hide the fact that he was wrong.

    He still supports the war on terror, but there is evidence he is moving away from the position as well. Look at his CPAC speech where he rejected the idea of "planting democracy". I see a day in the future where he may stop supporting the war on terror. I heard an interview with him and Ron Paul where Beck eluded to just that. He said something like "I'm not there yet".

    I don't know where you get the idea that he cheerleads for republicans. There are many times where he attacks republicans, and many republicans don't like what he says sometimes. Remember that this guy is new to politics and it's understandable that his positions are not set in stone. He's gone from thinking of himself a democrat, to republican, and most recently libertarian. I see him as a mixed republican and libertarian now, but he's moving the right way.

    The important thing is that he has a large influence, and that influence, I believe, moves people away from supporting "cronyism" more than it moves them toward it.

  • 20smoney said:

    Great points!

  • aksteve said:

    Beck is a tool. I don't listen to him anymore. I like the Judge as well.

    Fox News isn't real news either as they have a neocon agenda that is evident in their broadcasts.

  • 20smoney said:

    There are a handful of things I dont like about Beck, but overall I like his message. He's arguably the biggest voice out there calling for a massive change and exposing the ills of the two party system.