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Freelance Writing Vs. Starting Your Own Blog

19 February 2010 5 Comments

Many people make decent money doing freelance writing.  Also, many people make decent money operating and writing for their own blog.  Which path should you take?  Let’s look at some pros and cons of each.

Freelance Writing

  1. No need to maintain an actual website – can focus on actual writing
  2. More money in the short run since new websites can be slow to gain traction
  3. Not as much pressure to keep content going since you’re likely one of several writers

Starting Your Own Blog

  1. More potential upside since you own the site – if your blog really catches on, it could do really well – this is a big IF however
  2. A lot of work to get a website off the ground and running
  3. You’re the only one who produces for it – if you’re tired one day, the blog doesn’t get worked on that day
  4. You own your content and are creating virtual “real estate” for yourself as opposed to building someone else’s “real estate”

My Recommendation

If you have enough time to spend on this venture, I recommend doing both because they can provide a synergy.  If you have a blog, it will help you get freelance gigs since you have a presence and content for people to review.  If you are freelancing, you can help drive traffic to your blog through links and through general awareness of your writing.

I currently do both.  Obviously, I have my blog, but I also write for a few other sites which brings in extra cash and helps me promote my site and grow it.


  • analystanalyzer said:

    I'd like to get the where you are, freelancing and writing my own blog although I never pictured myself as a freelance writer.

  • mark said:

    Just started my new blog to add a little money with Adsense. I have aligned my online niche with my business speciality of bulk vending. I am more interested in starting blogs for passive income than freelance writing for others.

  • 20smoney (author) said:

    mark, very cool. i'll check out your blog. keep me updated on your progress with it!

  • Ryan said:

    I think you're right in that it's best to mesh the two. You're literally getting paid to write an article that promotes your site. Pretty sweet deal.

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