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Stocks Seem To Go Up Every Day

30 March 2010 3 Comments

The market is really interesting.  Every day, nonchalantly moving higher and higher. We haven’t really had many big, big days either, just modest 40, 50, 60 point moves in the Dow taking us close to the 11,000 level.  It seems like a very complacent market, but that’s just my point of view.

Many insiders and market watchers have put their opinion forth that this market is absent of retail investors and is completely controlled or driven by the big boys.  Of course, we’ve heard the argument over and over that the volume is very weak.  I guess maybe these items don’t matter since hey, the market is higher?

For me, I need to see how 2010 is going to shape up economically.  Housing, employment (absent Census hiring), these areas are still very troubling and I tend to focus more on the economy versus stocks.  The only stocks I’m buying are dividend stocks and/or companies like McDonalds Corporation (MCD).


  • Chris said:

    I agree, I believe the market is getting a bit complacent in the short-term. Every week, I update such sentiments on my blog, including important data points. Here is the link to my market update from last week: http://hervssmartmoney.blogspot.com/2010/03/portf

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  • skeptical said:

    it's as if the Fed is managing the Dow up 50 every day. Free market–yeah right.