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Do You Get Frustrated With Your Lack Of Financial Progress?

1 April 2010 One Comment

With the tough economy and lack of income increases in every industry and every part of the country (except government and wall st.), many people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of financial progress in their lives.  This progress might be paying off and getting out of debt or it might mean just saving more.  Perhaps, it’s buying a house, or buying an investment.  Whatever it is, without capital, without an increase in income, this progress is difficult to materialize.

So, are you frustrated?

While I’m making progress in some areas, I am getting frustrated in a few others.  For example, my family is not making as much progress as I’d like when it comes to minimizing expenses and keeping out spending in check.  This tends to throw off the plans that I wish to implement.

What are you frustrated with?

If you’re finding yourself frustrated, I’d encourage you to take a step back and do the following things:

  1. Take an inventory of the progress you HAVE made and be encouraged that you’ve completed some of the steps you want to take
  2. Discuss with your spouse your frustrations and where you hoped you’d be by now.  Create a plan together moving forward with a new set of goals that are realistic but aggressive
  3. Focus on incremental improvements – It’s tough to make drastic financial changes.  Instead, focus on continuous, small changes that over time will add up to some serious progress.

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