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How To Get People To Read Your Blog

9 April 2010 No Comment

The key to making money online is getting traffic to your blog.  You can monetize traffic in a variety of ways, but first you need the traffic.  So, how can you ensure that people will come to your blog?  Most sites will tell you quality content, quality content, quality content.  Well, what the heck does that mean exactly?  I’m going to outline a specific idea for a specific type of quality content that I believe is one of the best approaches you can target for getting people to visit and read your blog.

The key to this strategy is to do worthwhile work and to write about it.  The work must be interesting and actually require effort.  If it’s too easy, then people can do it themselves without breaking a sweat and therefore, not require you to do it for them.  Do something hard.  Try something unusual.  Then, talk about it.

Some Examples

For me personally, this strategy has been in the realm of online income.  I’ve done some online income experiments where I’ve decided to actually give certain online income streams a shot.  Many people talk all the time about what works and what doesn’t work, but I rarely found specific data to back up either argument.  So I decided to find out for myself, then report on it to my readers.

I’ve done a few past experiments on writing for Examiner.com and doing some niche sites combined with article marketing.  You can click the respective links to read the details.  Additionally, I take the time each month to write up a detailed report of my blog statistics including traffic and income.  Again, the purpose is to provide a valuable resource of quality, real information for readers.

Currently, I’m working on a couple more experiments.  First, I mentioned recently that I’m starting a writing for HubPages.com experiment.  My goal is to give HubPages a legitimate effort at earning some money using HubPages.  This requires a good amount of work, and I’ve already written over 20 “hubs”.  I need at least 50 or so to be able to provide any level of quality information in my opinion.

Next, I’ve been building a second blog/website for several months now.  This is a more lengthy experiment and I haven’t explained too much of this for a reason at this point.  My objectives here are to determine if I can get a website placed in the top 10 of a very competitive keyword on Google and to determine if I can get significant passive income from search traffic and Adsense.  Simply put, if I’m successful with this experiment, it’s a process that can be duplicated many times over which could be very lucrative.  I’m essentially in three months to the experiment.  The page has over 100 pages indexed in Google.  It’s already bringing visitors every day from Google, but it’s yet to break the top results from the specific keyword.  More details are coming on this experiment.  Not sure when exactly, but probably a few more months.

The Key Take-Away

What you need to take away from this post is that in order to get people to read your blog, you need to have some insight or data that is worth reading.  Don’t just write about your thoughts or ideas on a topic and expect everyone to want to read them.  Unless you’re already an established expert or leader in a field, nobody is interested in your general thoughts.

You need to work hard on some things and then report the results.  Be interesting.  Put forth real effort.  Be persistent.

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    Great article! But in my opinion niche sites are not the real deal! you can not get rich over night without a little hard work! Best Regards