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Ron Paul & America

14 April 2010 No Comment

My favorite politician is Ron Paul.  I agree with almost everything he stands for.  While I do have some minor disagreements with him, I believe he is one of the few elected officials in Congress who actually says what he means and means what he says.  Furthermore, I believe he stands for an America that most closely resembles what the Founders attempted to architect with the Constitution.

Some of his major views are:

  1. End the militarism – United States military has personnel positioned in over 100 countries, we’re fighting multiple wars (neither declared by Congress) – we simply cannot afford to be the world’s police force
  2. End the welfare state – Our entitlement and welfare program are completely out of control, are bankrupting the country and are not the role of government as dictated by the Constitution
  3. Sound money – Ron Paul is the Federal Reserve’s most outspoken critic (read “End The Fed”).  He advocates getting back to sound money and abolishing fiat currency.
  4. End bailouts – Ron Paul is a staunch critic of all bailouts whether it was Wall St. or General Motors.  The government should not pick winners and losers in the economy.

Ron Paul and 2012

Ron Paul ran for President in 2008 and didn’t make it out of the primary.  Unfortunately, the country was enamored with the words of Barack Obama and the Republicans thought moving more to the progressive side of the party in John McCain was the right choice (terrible choice).

Rasmussen just came out with a poll that shows a dead even race in 2012 between Ron Paul and Barack Obama.  Interestingly, the poll says 58% of mainstream voters prefer Ron Paul, but 95% of the political class prefers Barack Obama.  How do you feel about that nice stat?

Why He Probably Won’t Be President

  1. He’s currently 75 years old
  2. He’s outside the political mainstream – mainstream Republicans and Democrats are against Ron Paul because they know he actually represents reform and represents the people unlike most politicians in both parties.  Both parties will fight to keep Ron Paul out of the White House.

Good Videos

For more information, check out Ron Paul yourself in the following videos:

Check out Ron Paul everyone. If you’re tired of D.C. and of politicians, he is your guy. Sorry, Obama fans. Obama IS more of the same.

A side note, Rand Paul, Ron’s son is running for Kentucky’s Senate seat.  He holds most of the same views as his father.

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  • zack said:

    Good article!

  • nile said:

    I like the idea of going back to the gold standard, but it will never happen!