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A Few Observations On Companies Of Which I’m A Customer

20 April 2010 3 Comments

I like to report on good (or bad) experiences with businesses that might be very well known and some others that aren’t so well known.  First, let’s go with the good experiences…

I recently decided to cancel my DirecTV plan for my television.  This has nothing to do with DirecTV however, since the service has been phenomenal.  Instead, I decided to go with Comcast since I’m already paying for it partially with my HOA dues.  Upon notifying DirecTV, they offered me several deals to remain as a customer, which is nice, but I still went through with the cancellation.  A few days later, I received a box with a FedEX label already pre-made with padding and everything for me to return my two receivers back to DirecTV.  Getting the equipment back to DirecTV could not have been easier and more simple.  The difference between cable companies like Brighthouse versus DirecTV is absolutely enormous.  I am a very satisifed DirecTV customer, and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Second, not sure how many readers know of the restaurant chain Tijuana Flats since I believe they’re mostly in Florida.  If not, skip this section.  This is seriously one of the best managed restaurant chains out there.  The service is absolutely fantastic.  For example, during the lunch crunch, they will have a person dedicated to providing drinks to those waiting in line.  Additionally, they are excellent at roaming the restaurant asking people if they’d like a refill.  Tijuana Flats is the perfect example of a restaurant that is very successful because it offers great food at reasonable prices with excellent service.

And, now on to the bad…

I’m a big Starbucks fan, but recently they have been tinkering with one of my favorite drinks there, the Chai Tea Latte.  I noticed recently that they tasted watered down or not as strong, so I asked what the difference was.  Apparently, the instructions for making this drink now include a significant amount of water.  The impact to the taste is definitely noticeable.  The goal?  To cut costs of course.  Most baristas are willing to make the drink without the water, but one barista recently told me it would be a surcharge due to the additional use of milk!  A surcharge to get the drink back to its normal state!  Bad Starbucks…


  • Wingtipwalker said:

    So, for we 20somethings, if every dollar spent today is about $30 in retirement, then a visit to starbucks costs about a $Benjamin…dare I suggest a financial decision that would solve your chai tea latte dilemma??

    I personally don't drink coffee (or caffeine) but my wife does, and she is a Starbucks addict (tall hazelnut americano, with room…I don't have to buy my wife flowers, just coffee). Thus far, I've successfully negotiated a $25/mo starbucks budget….

  • Little House said:

    I need to comment on the Chai Latte. It's my second favorite drink. When I worked there years ago, it was protocol to add water to the drink (both hot and cold). I quickly learned, when ordering it for myself, to ask them for NO water. I agree that the water makes it take yucky and, basically, watered down! It could also be that the barista who made your drink added TOO much water. 😉

  • Little House said:

    Wait…I didn't see that they were thinking of adding a surcharge for the extra milk! That stinks.