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What Motivates You?

20 April 2010 2 Comments

Depending upon your circumstances, you might be really in a funk right now or really moving forward with a pep in your step.  If you’re unemployed and struggling to find any meaningful work, it’s probably difficult to discuss motivation since you’re just aiming for survival.  On the other hand, if you’re financial life is stabilizing or improving, maybe it’s time to start looking at the motivation in your life.

So, what motivates you?  A paycheck?  Satisfying a customer?  Building relationships?  Building up money for a down payment?  Starting a business?  Getting out of debt?

For me, right now, I’ll tell you what motivates me… these are not necessarily in any order

My Day Job / Business

I have a great job.  I do.  The industry itself isn’t what motivates me, but performing well, landing new clients and large pieces of business motivate me.  Contributing and helping build a business that I can eventually have a stake in also motivates me.  Being a part of a profitable business even in a very tough economy is motivating, and I’m learning a great deal about what it takes to operate a business.  This is a great place for me in my 20s.

Online Income

I feel like I’m “over the hump” with getting my online income up and running.  I’m now bringing in around $500 every month.  I hate to say this for fear of “jinxing myself” because this revenue can easily drop at any time, but for now things are looking great.

The beautiful thing here is that I’ve reached one of my main goals (the $500 mark), but reaching this goal isn’t the end of the story.  The growth can continue, and I can set my sights on perhaps the next goal: the $1000 monthly mark in online income.

As online income streams stabilize and require less effort to maintain or grow, I can also turn my focus to other projects that are either in the pipeline or already growing.  I have many ideas in my head that I can’t wait to implement.

Paying Off My Mortgage

For some reason, I’ve really warmed up to the idea of working to pay off my mortgage.  Talk about motivation.  Can you imagine what it’d be like to own your home outright and have no housing payment?  Huge.  I’ve recently put down a game plan on paper to try and start working towards this goal.  I’ll update you as I proceed in the future.


This is a high level motivation but it is a huge motivation nonetheless.  What do I mean by “freedom’?  I mean financial independence and freedom.  Not having to need traditional employment.  Having investment income and online income that sustains me and my family.  Being able to spend my time and resources on worthy causes.  This is the end goal for much of my work both in my career and in my own business ventures.

Providing For My Family

This of course also motivates me to strive hard for success.  As a young person with a new family, I definitely feel the responsibility and the desire to provide for my wife and children is very much real.

What motivates you?  I’d love input from people from all walks of life and all financial situations!


  • simple in france said:

    Hmm . . .we worked hard and saved up plenty of money because we have our sites on purchasing a home. I'm extremely motivated by the idea of being able to pay cash (depending how rural of an area we chose to live in). But DH is motivated by a desire to have an even bigger house. . .so we'll just see. Negotiations are in progress 😉