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My Favorite Liberal Explains The 1,000 Point Dow Drop

11 May 2010 One Comment

Dylan Ratigan is awesome.  AND he’s a liberal!  Shocking?  Ratigan represents the old-school liberal that disagrees with people like me on a range of issues yet is still an honest, pro-American patriot.  Contrast this with the progressives that fill every position within the current administration who will lead you to believe they are for the regular folks while they continue enacting policies that hollow out the middle class and line the pockets of those in power.

This guy is one of the few who understand the Wall St / financial mess that is the American economy and isn’t afraid to expose it night after night.  There are a few people on either side of the aisle like Ratigan.  Most people on both sides of the aisle prefer the show to go on as is.

This clip is fantastic:

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