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Targeting BP: Good Idea or Bad?

10 June 2010 4 Comments

After first distancing themselves from the oil mess in the Gulf, our politicians are now fully in attack mode trying to find someone’s “ass to kick.”  British Petroleum (BP) is now in the cross hairs of the American politician.  The short term political gain is obviously the focus, but if we think through this clearly, is this really the best idea?

The spill already happened.  Is penalizing BP so much that they hope to put them out of business the best course of action?  Will it help fix the Gulf?  No.  Will it make others be more careful in the future?  Maybe, but I think that impact might already have been accomplished.

Remember, BP employs thousands of Americans in the Gulf area.  Do we want to add these folks to the unemployed numbers in America?  Don’t necessarily assume that these people would get picked up by other oil companies filling the void left by BP.  Remember, Obama has put a moratorium on all oil drilling, not just BP’s.

I think BP should pay and take a major hit for this.  The disaster is big, real big.  But, attempting to put this company out of business (which I’m not sure could even happen) shouldn’t be the main goal.  It’d actually be refreshing for a politician to come out and say, yes, we’re going to go after BP for penalties related to this spill, but we understand that what’s done is done and let’s all work together to fix this.


  • Money Reasons said:

    I agree! I don't think it's the smartest move by the government!

    Just today, I hear on CNBC that the UK people and government are starting to get pissed off at us! After all, it's not like BP did this on purpose!!!

    Afterall, BP isn't an American company either, we should be careful not to push too hard!

    I'm just hoping for the best and the BP does as they claim and cleans up this mess and pays those out of work!

  • Houston Tree Service said:

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