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Move Over Gold Advertisements, We Have A New Player

11 June 2010 No Comment

If you listen to talk radio (or watch television for that matter), you probably recognized the numerous advertisements attempting to either buy your gold or sell gold to you.  The rise in the price gold has sparked plenty of activity and advertising in this market.  This trend is well in place, with gold ads being all over the place for well over a year now.  And now, we have a new player fighting for position on the airwaves.  The player is…. STRATEGIC DEFAULT!

Yes, my favorite topic of late, strategic default, is now entering the air waves.  How so?  Well, yesterday, in my car, I heard for the first time an advertisement of a person saying something of the sort, are you struggling to pay your mortgage, are you struggling to <fill in the blank>, call me “to talk about the option of a strategic default” – yes, they used the exact term.  How beautiful!

With more government handouts towards housing, and with the new trend of strategic default, it will simply fuel more and more strategic default.  No growing trend goes unnoticed, so we just might see a rush of companies looking to maximize this trend, and therefore, start advertising on radio and TV (similar to the gold ads).

We’ll have to wait and see if the advertisement I heard yesterday is the start of a new trend.  What we won’t have to wait and see is whether or not the strategic default trend will continue to grow.  I’ll bet my mortgage on that one – ‘coz hey, if I’m wrong, I can just default!

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