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Weekend Productivity: How Do You Spend Your Saturday & Sunday?

12 June 2010 2 Comments

Weekends are a beautiful thing.  You can spend time with loved ones, get outdoors, spend time outside the office.  With that said, a good question to ask is how much time do you waste?  When I think of wasted time, I typically think of watching television.

When it comes to building a second income stream, time management outside the “day job” is important. Working outside of work is tough and takes determination and a strong work ethic, but it can definitely be worth it, especially int oday’s tough economic environment. The benefits of a viable second income stream are well documented here on this site.  If you’re looking for motivation, read through the archives on Online Income.

Weekends are important for many things in life such as relationships, rest, and other interests of yours, but brainstorm how you might be able to fit in a few hours each day on the weekend (perhaps, first thing in the morning) to work on building your second income stream.


  • Kelin said:

    I'm at work today, my weekend is Sunday and Monday. I'm meeting with a guy from work and his partner to learn about an opportunity with ACN (http://www.acninc.com/acn/us/) Sunday night. Mondays are great to have off because while everyone is back to work I can get everything done and places aren't busy. I work swing shift so I have every morning durring the week, but I tend to be lazy and sleep in. I could probably use that time better. Hopefully the opportunity with ACN can become a second residual income that I can work on in my time off and before work.

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