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Fund Your Non-Traditional Investments With Your Second Income

15 June 2010 One Comment

When it comes to investing, you basically have two types: traditional and non-traditional.  Traditional investments are the ones you always hear about: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and maybe real estate.  Non-traditional investments might be collectibles, precious metals, even things like ammunition (I know someone who has invested heavily in ammunition for the last few years and enjoyed a nice return with the rise in ammo prices).

Since the majority of the investing public utilizes vehicles like 401(k) plans or IRA’s to invest in stocks and funds and so forth, investing is kind of “automatic.”  For non-traditional investments, it definitely takes finding the extra cash to allocate and some determination to keep it up.

A great part of creating and sustaining a second income stream is that you can use it to funnel money into your secondary investments or your non-traditional investments.  For me, right now, this is definitely physical silver.  I’ve been picking up some physical silver American eagle coins as a form of “savings” and an inflation hedge.  Without this online income stream, it’d be tough for me to find the money to allocate towards this investment.

Furthermore, I’ve used my second income stream to buy a few things that I’ve wanted to buy, but couldn’t justify due to a tight budget.  This is a nice luxury that my second income has afforded me.

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  • aury (thunderdrake) said:

    I've been turning to physical silver as well. Not only are the prices extremely suppressed right now, but every time I see one of those boneheaded spending bills… Man!