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How Much Does It Cost To Clean The Gulf of Mexico? Apparently $20 Billion

15 June 2010 One Comment

In the latest development on the BP / Gulf oil spill saga, Democrat Senators led by Harry Reid have asked BP to set aside $20 billion in cash for payments to clean up the Gulf of Mexico.  I’d love to hear Harry Reid explain how he came up with that magic number.  Probably came from a focus group of his constituents.

While this disaster is absolutely huge, the political game in response to it is pretty sickening.  Yes, BP should pay to clean up this mess, but politicians writing shock reports intended to make themselves look good is incredibly annoying.

Meanwhile, the situation down in the Gulf appears to worsen each day, as now the latest is that there is serious damage in the well below the ocean floor.  This will further complicate efforts to stop the leak.  The oil will continue to flow for some time.

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  • asdf said:

    are you sure it was $20b because thats a lot of money!?