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Apple Killing The Tech Sector? Cry Me A River.

17 June 2010 One Comment

I just read an article by The Street on how Apple’s (Apple, Inc – AAPL) success has not translated into success for other tech companies.  The title of the article is that Apple is killing the tech sector.  This is truly one of the dumbest articles I’ve read recently.

The author references companies that have suffered as a result of Apple’s success: Nokia, Microsoft, Adobe, RIM & Intel.  So, what?  Here’s an idea: why don’t those companies innovate like Apple?  Maybe they would be able to compete better.  Is this what financial journalism is these days?  Crying about the other companies that aren’t doing well because somebody else is dominating?  Ridiculous.

When Microsoft rose from a baby to a giant, wasn’t there victims in its rise to a near-monopoly on the PC world?

This article reveals how little the author understands the tech sector.  First, I would argue Apple isn’t killing the tech sector, but they are changing it.  For example, Apple has been the catalyst for thousands of individuals and companies to create new applications.  The App Store platform has enabled thousands of new entities to sell applications to the consumer.  Hardly, “killing” the tech sector.

Yes, there have been victims in Apple’s success over the last decade.  These victims have primarily been companies with outdated business models (see the music industry).  Innovation is never a bad thing.  Would the author of this article prefer that all American businesses lag the rest of the world so that all industry moves abroad in an effort to keep all American businesses on an even playing field?  At least Apple is providing jobs to thousands of people that need jobs.

Keep moving forward Apple.  You’re doing more good than harm even if you are beating up the dinosaurs of the tech sector.

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  • Money Beagle said:

    Yeah, considering Apple was pretty much on death's door as a company and certainly as an investment not too long ago, I think what they've done is remarkable. I personally don't jump on the Apple bandwagon in terms of buying their products. I wait until a copycat product comes out at 80% cheaper and get that instead! But, I do think they push the market forward and there's certainly no shame in that.