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Housing Data Says “Wait To Buy A Home!”

22 June 2010 2 Comments

The post-tax rebate housing data continues to disappoint, and it continues to tell potential homebuyers (if there are any these days) to wait, wait, wait.  Prices will undoubtedly go lower, and I am wililng to be mortgage rates do as well.

Housing is a disaster.  Still.  It’s going nowhere but down.  If you think I’m cheering this on, be assured that I own a home and am losing my butt on it as well, so I’m in this with you.  Reality is reality I’m afraid and housing is going to get worse.

You can see the latest data here.


  • Stephan said:

    that article you linked to says things should improve by the end of the summer. do you agree with that or are you seeing weakness in housing over the longterm (2+years)?