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Freelance Writing For Extra Income

23 June 2010 9 Comments

The world of freelance writing is open to anyone with enough writing experience to put a few sentences together in a coherent fashion. For students or people that are unemployed, the prospect of making a few extra dollars every day is very appealing, considering how easy it is to get started with a freelance writing career. The problem is that most people don’t know where to start, and the term “freelance” is often very scary as people don’t like the idea of going out on their own to find their own income. Believe it or not, if you start now there is no reason why you can’t have money coming into your accounts by the end of the week. All it takes is a little start up time and some ingenuity to figure out what sets you apart from the rest to start making extra income as a freelance writer. Students may find this an interesting path – check out more on college finance.

1. Paypal: It may seem foolish to set up a way to get paid as the first step, but having the mentality that you’re going to have income coming in is one of the first parts of being successful. Thinking that you’re going to have success as a freelance writer is the first step to actually making those dollar signs ring. Setting up Paypal is easy and only requires a few bits of information here and there to tie your Paypal account to your actual bank account. Once money rolls into Paypal, one or two clicks of the mouse will send the money over to your checking account to spend as you see fit. There aren’t any “tricks” to setting up Paypal, so set aside half an hour and set up an account.

2. DigitalPoint: This next step is the most crucial part of your freelance writing success in the beginning as this website will hopefully be the start of something much bigger. Head over to forums.digitalpoint.com and register for an account. Once you have a registered account there is a period of time, and the time frame changes constantly, in which you’ll be on “probation.” You’re required to post about 10 times on the forums before they’ll approve your account to take care of actual business. Just browse the general interest boards and post whatever suits your fancy to get your 10 posts under your belt. Once you have an approved account, on the forum home page you will see a subcategory called “Content” Click on it (http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=102 ) and….

3. Post Your Job Listing: Within the content creation sub-forum you will find many other users posting their job listings. Develop a one paragraph speech about your interest in writing and how you’ve just started. Honesty is key. You can check out other people’s job offering posts to get ideas for how to structure yours as well. Your beginning rates will probably hover around $4 for 500 words, which you should specify in your job listing post. Having competitive rates of $4/500words will be crucial to finding initial client interest. With your introductory speech with a little about yourself, your areas of “expertise” (can just be areas you have above average knowledge about), and your rates, you’re ready to post. Type in the captcha code and agree to the DP terms and your post will be online.

4. Accept the Job: Generally speaking, it takes about 6-8 hours to generate any interest in your job listing. By default, Digital Point automatically sends you an email notification if anyone sends you a private message. Customers interested in your services will send you private messages via Digital Point to ask you further information about the project they’re interested in hiring you for. It’s up to you at this point to accept or decline and work out deadlines and what exactly they’re looking for. Once you’ve got a job lined up with them, complete the work, submit it, and send your Paypal address along with the final email or private message to the client and get paid. There’s no reason why anyone can’t make some extra money freelance writing, and if you’re interested, there are plenty of jobs just waiting for you to fill.

Written by Nick, a frequent 20smoney.com contributor

Kevin’s Note: I will be writing a post here in the near future on how to strategically combine freelance writing with your blogging.  They both go very well together and can lead to a very profitable approach.  Stay tuned…


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