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No Budget In 2010

23 June 2010 No Comment

Democrats will not pass a budget this year because they have fully realized that people are pissed about the deficit and the spending.  By passing a budget, they will put on the front page of major newspapers the trillions in additional deficit spending that they fully intend to execute over the next year.  This will further hurt them in November mid-term elections.  What a predicament.

The solution of course is to just not pass a budget!  This has never been done since 1974 when the current budget rules were put in place.

House leader, Steny Hoyer, explains it this way:

It isn’t possible to debate and pass a realistic, long-term budget until we’ve considered the bipartisan commission’s deficit-reduction plan, which is expected in December

Oh, ok.  That makes sense Steny.  I guess I could spoil the surprise and just tell you what this all-knowing commission will report in December.  It will be along the lines of: The situation is terrible, we’re broke, raising taxes isn’t popular, cutting spending isn’t popular, so we recommend the VAT.  Yes, the VAT.  What is the VAT?

The circus continues…

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