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A New Approach To Investing

25 June 2010 One Comment

This is a good one.  New York’s state pension fund, which is most likely in terrible shape for a number of reasons, is planning to sue BP for loss of BP’s share price.  Ah yes, that makes perfect sense.  If you invest in a company and the company’s stock  loses value, why should you be forced to take a loss?  That’s not very fair is it?  Even if it is BP.

This is another example of a major trend in society today.  That trend is the elimination of risk.  Risk is a word that is quickly becoming unacceptable and politically incorrect.   Maybe you’re a homeowner who bought a home for much more than it’s worth today.  Even though that is a standard risk of buying a house, why should you have to lose money?  Maybe you lost your job.  Definitely a risk of working for someone else.  Unacceptable!

Maybe you should consider this new approach to investing.  If some unforeseen event or circumstance occurs which causes your investment to lose money, don’t record a loss, sue them!

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  • wingtipwalker said:

    Oh didn't you see? Strategic defaulters "risk" losing the right to get another Fannie Mae loan for a whole 7 years if they had the capacity to pay their loan but chose not to.